“fu-wa(フーワ)”は、和紙の原料である楮(こうぞ)の繊維で編み上げたバスケット。素材は和紙でありながら、楮特有の強い繊維で出来ているため少々の事では破れません。 軽くしなやかで強い、トレーや小物入れとして幅広くお使い頂けます。薄型のトレーは蓋としてもお使いいただけます。

“fu-wa (Foowa)" is a basket woven with fibers of Japanese washi paper, kozo. Despite it being made of paper and looking sensitive. It is durable enough for daily use, as the fiber of kozo is strong. Surprisingly light, supple and strong, you can enjoy “fu-wa” in various ways such as a tray or an accessory plate. You can also use a thin tray as a lid.




創業100年の五十嵐製紙は、襖紙の他に雁皮紙(襖判・小判)・楮紙・三椏紙や創作大判紙から 小物に至るまで様々な和紙製品を手掛けています。平面や立体に漉き、可能性は限りなくある和紙の良さを生かしつつ、 新しい製品造りに日々チャレンジしています。fu-waの原料の楮を自社の畑でも栽培し、一本一本の繊維から心を込めてお作りしています。

Igarashi Paper Co.,Ltd., which celebrates its 100th anniversary, have manufactured various products ranging from larger Japanese washi paper of their own unique design to smaller items. Igarashi strives to create modern products and designs, while taking full advantage of the unlimited potential of Japanese washi paper. Igarashi also grows raw materials of kozo for "fu-wa" in-house with their own fields putting heart into every single fiber.



creative direction & product design : Shizuka Tatsuno Studio